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Immortal Realms Trilogy

Seeds of Sorrow
Immortal Realms, Book I



Wishing for more adventure in her life, and hoping to escape from under her overprotective mother's thumb even for just a night, Eden accepts an invitation to a ball in another king's court. Despite her mother's ire, it all seems worth it as their travels take Eden away from home for the first time and into the middle realm.


Draven, known as the king of nightmares and ruler of the dark realm, Andhera, desires only to remain in his kingdom and maintain control and order over the ravenous creatures that lurk in the shadows. However, he finds himself drawn away by the mysterious summons of his brother, who appears to need his aid desperately.


In one evening, thrust unwittingly together, Lady Eden and King Draven find themselves beguiled, betrayed, and betrothed. Neither is prepared for what it means for them, or for the immortal realms.

Tides of Torment
Immortal Realms, Book II


Two months have passed since Travion, ruler of Midniva, nearly met his demise during an attack on his kingdom. Now, he's seeking to restore his realm, but there are rumors of atrocious beasts rising from the ocean. In an attempt to soothe the riled citizens, Travion hosts a celebration to prove to them that Midniva isn’t broken. However, someone unexpected arrives. A face he never thought he would see again.

Lady Sereia Ferox is the captain of a pirate ship, who left behind her life of luxury in search of freedom and adventure long ago. But when she catches wind of the attack on Midniva and the possibility her king has perished, Sereia urges her ship and crew back to her home port. Unsure of what to expect, she prepares for the worst, only to discover Travion is, in fact, alive.

While their reunion is a fiery one, it is short-lived. News from the sea worsens, and knowing the Creaturae is behind the death and mayhem, Travion sets out to hunt the mysterious force wielding the book. With Sereia at his side, they must face both personal demons from their pasts, and those which are newly created.

Wages of War
Immortal Realms, Book III


Zryan is faced with the devastation wrought by his spurned lover, and he must now address the threat on his doorstep, protecting not only his kingdom but family. However, putting a stop to his enemy will prove difficult as she has outpaced him and his brothers at every step.

After an attempt on her life, Alessia is more than ready to vanquish the foes surrounding them, but the hardest part is discovering how vast the web of deception has spread. The fae plaguing the three realms must be brought down. But if they hope to conquer their enemy, she must forgive her husband's transgressions, and unite with him fully.

With time running out for Lucem—and the other realms—Zryan and Alessia must set aside their quarrels to battle side by side before death comes for them all.

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