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Secrets of Galathea


Secrets of Galathea

Volume 1

A merman and his brother are tasked with protecting what belongs to their people and failure is not an option. When two seventeen-year-olds witness their Prince threaten an infamous sea-witch, they have no idea how soon all of their lives will be intertwined, and what secrets lay in the depths. A prince must decide what is most important: the people or his relationship with his brother. And a soon-to-be-king must do what is right, even if it costs him everything.

Each story highlights a specific character and their current struggle in the kingdom of Selith, but one thing is always the same–the strength of the characters and the magic that lives within them.

Brotherhood of the Sea

Secrets of Galathea, Book 1

How far is too far when it comes to sacrifice under the sea?

Eighteen-year-old Jager and his older brother, Kriegen, are recent graduates from Selith Academy–an elite school for merfolk. The two work to help their community after tragedy befell their father, but when the Uplanders break a promise, the two mermen only have one goal–keep the kingdom safe at any cost.

When the brothers are divided in their responses, they quickly learn that every choice has a consequence, and every action has a price.


Bindings of the Sea

Secrets of Galathea, Book 2

Selith Academy trains elite merfolk to perfect their magical abilities by hosting a Trial every twelve years. Zinnia-one of their most gifted students-and her friend, Dru, witness Princh Loch threatening an infamous Sea Witch for his magical abilities despite the royal family hosting the upcoming Trial.

The two friends start an investigation that will uncover buried truths and jeopardize the entire kingdom. Zinnia and Dru will find help from an unexpected source as they use their magic to help bind evil back into the depths, and will find themselves at the forefront of the battle that has surfaced after four centuries.

Will the sea's buried truth destroy them all?

Voice of the Sea

Secrets of Galathea, Book 3

Prince Ruari, spare heir to the throne of Selith, knows his kingdom needs magic to survive. But when his brother Loch, the crowned prince, makes a rash decision during a crisis, magic is soon banned.

When the Kraken breaks free from his bindings, and threatens the merfolk, Ruari knows what he must do in order for the kingdom to have a fighting chance. He must bridge the divide between magic users and those without magic.


King of the Sea

Secrets of Galathea, Book 3

Loch always knew that one day he would be crowned king, but he never thought the day would come so soon.


When the king dies during a gruesome battle with the Kraken, Loch must assume the role of ruler. But there is more to worry about than the upcoming coronation ceremony-there is a monster to kill and a heavy decision to make.

With the kingdom of Selith under attack, and the decision of whether or not to ban magic weighing on his shoulders, Loch relies on his brother Ruari for support, and a childhood friend.

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