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The Dragon's Bride


Fantasy Romance

Twisted mages, dragons, and a sacrificial bride to save the land.

Every year, the villagers of Omdahl pay tribute to their Dragon Master by gifting him with food and jewels for his protection against outside forces. For centuries, this exchange has taken place.

This year, the neighboring radical mages have grown agitated, and have attacked the villagers. If matters weren’t already dire, the land is steadily dying, and becoming uninhabitable. When the attacks grow more violent, the Elders of Omdahl agree, the tithe for the Dragon Master will be a bride.

Imara always knew she was different, and the village never ceased to remind her. Unable to conjure magic like her fellow seidrs, she’s a pariah. But when the opportunity to save her homeland arises, she knows what she must do–even if it means becoming the Dragon Master’s bride.

Now, to protect all she loves, Imara must work alongside the Dragon Master, or they risk losing everything.

Benvolio & Mercutio

Turn Back Time


Romantic Comedy

LGBT+ Sci-Fi Fantasy

Verona has 99 problems—including a time machine.

All Benvolio has ever desired is a peaceful life alongside his spirited—albeit quarrelsome—roommate, Mercutio. But as the story goes, the course of true love never did run smooth, and when tensions between the Montagues and the Capulets reach a boiling point, Benvolio and Mercutio are dragged into the mess Romeo makes of all their lives.

Then an older version of Benvolio crashes into their lives, offering the opportunity to change fate, Mercutio does as he always does—seizes the chance. There's just one problem: no deal is without strings, and this one involves a deadly secret that Mercutio is determined to take to the grave.

What follows is a lively adventure through the ages, replete with love and heartache. Amidst the chaos, this inseparable duo will unravel the true depth of their friendship.


The Castle of Thorns


Fantasy Retelling

To end the murders, she must live with the beast of the forest.

After surviving years with a debilitating illness that leaves her weak, Princess Gisela must prove that she is more than her ailment. She discovers her father, King Werner, has been growing desperate for the herbs that have been her survival. So much so, that he’s willing to cross paths with a deadly legend of Todesfall Forest to retrieve her remedy.

Knorren is the demon of the forest, one who slaughters anyone who trespasses into his land. When King Werner steps into his territory, desperately pleading for the herbs that control his beloved daughter’s illness, Knorren toys with the idea. However, not without a cost. King Werner must deliver his beloved Gisela to Knorren or suffer dire consequences.

With unrest spreading through the kingdom, and its people growing tired of a king who won’t put an end to the demon of Todesfall Forest, Gisela must make a choice. To become Knorren’s prisoner forever, or risk the lives of her beloved people.

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