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The Hunter

Hunter's Truce

Niklaus von Brandt is leading a double life. Some days he wields cleavers in his stepfather's butcher shop, and others, he transforms into a lethal instrument—a skilled assassin, prowling the kingdom's darkest corners.


Abendrot was founded by werewolves but is now ruled by humans who have one goal: to eradicate the werewolves. Now, to protect his family, Niklaus must embrace his moniker, the one the kingdom murmurs about—The Big Bad Wolf.


Yet within the opulent halls of the castle lies a secret, and Niklaus plans to use it to his advantage. Even if it means exploiting the eldest princess.


As tensions escalate, and loyalties blur, Niklaus must navigate a treacherous game of power and deception. Where every decision carries the weight of survival—for himself, his family, and the fate of Abendrot itself.

Royal's Vow

After the Big Bad Wolf threatened the royal family, Stasya sensed an impending change. With her secret exposed, she must now rely on Niklaus von Brandt, an unlikely enemy turned protector. 

Trapped within the castle, tensions mount between Stasya and Niklaus, casting doubt on their alliance's integrity and its impact on the kingdom. With uncertainty gripping her every move, and her father refusing to listen to reason, Stasya must navigate through her mounting feelings for Niklaus while danger lurks at every turn.

Stasya must rely on her instincts to discern friend from foe or succumb to the perils that threaten to consume her kingdom and her very existence.

Assassin's Gambit

Following the assassination of the king of Abendrot, Niklaus embarks on a critical mission: hunting down the elusive Hawk. With Princess Stasya liberated from her father's control, Niklaus must suppress the growing urge to claim Stasya, prioritizing her safety above all else. 

Yet, as Niklaus prepares to pursue his target, startling revelations emerge, casting doubt on the cryptic prince of Ishkertov. Is he a friend or foe? With uncertainty clouding his path, Niklaus resumes his hunt, bearing the weight of the kingdom's destiny upon his shoulders. 

As he navigates treacherous alliances and deadly adversaries, the fate of Abendrot hangs precariously in the balance, with the Big Bad Wolf as its steadfast guardian.

Queen's Edge

Stasya must face the daunting task of not only building her life but also her fractured nation. With everyone that she loves now gone, she must fight to fortify her alliances, while rectifying her father's misdeeds. However, the Hawk, harboring sinister plans, threatens to dismantle the kingdom within—while using Niklaus against Stasya.

To safeguard her realm, Stasya must embody the leadership it requires: that of a wolf. With newfound allies and trusted friends, she must assert her authority and reclaim what is rightfully hers.

In this high-stakes endgame, Stasya grapples with the question: can she rescue her kingdom and protect her loved ones, or will everything crumble beneath the weight of adversity?

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